Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ottawa Broadway Accross Canada 2013-2014 Season

Have you heard!!! The 2013-2014 Ottawa Broadway Across Canada Season has been announced!!!

What is in the line up?!

June 26 - July 7

October 22-27

January 21-26

I must admit I am most excited about seeing Flashdance.  Believe it or not I only saw Flashdance the movie in the last two years. It was on my list of old movies to see.  It is incredible  how they turn beloved old movies into broadway theatre! So far I have seen Dirty Dancing which is also a cult favorite and that play is up there in my favorites.

Which play are you looking forward in seeing? Are you going to subscribe to the 2013-2014 line up?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The only word that comes to mind to describe the play Billy Elliot is . . . AMAZING!! It is non stop singing and dancin but never too much just the right amount.

The young actor Ben Cook who played Billy Elliot last night was incredible. I saw the movie several years ago and the play brought it all back.

From what we could tell the actors were not from Great Britan but they had the accents perfected!!!! The audience understood every word which is sometimes an issue when seeing a play.

Oh and I can't forget the little old lady that was sitting in the seat in front of us . . . she was adorable. clapping and bobbing up and down while Billy Elliot sang and danced :) I hope that when I am in my old age I can still enjoy going to the theatre :)

Have you seen it?! What did you think?