Monday, September 9, 2013

Want to see Flashdance?! How about winning some amazing seats!!!

Flashdance CONTEST!!

When I first heard that Flashdance was coming to the Ottawa National Arts Centre I was VERY excited!!  However I did pause and wonder how are they were going to bring a very loved movie to the theater? Can't wait to see!!!

Now for the fun part I have been given the opportunity to host a contest for a pair (or two) of orchestra (right there in the front!!) seats for the October 22nd opening night at the Ottawa National Arts Centre.

I wonder if you might want to bring a raincoat for this part :)

Excited yet??!!! You must be thinking what do I have to do for a chance to win these tickets?! While it is quite simple let me know by entering a comment your best Flashdance memory.  Did you copy the fashion or hair look from the movie? Did you see the movie with a date? Is that date still in your life? I want to know :)

Have I mentioned I can't wait to see this!! Myself and some girlies will be having an 80s night on October 22nd.  Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!