Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why did I choose to start a blog ?

I decided to start a blog after discovering youtube and the many beauty gurus.  Many of the beauty gurus (BelledujourNYC and Lollypop26) also have blogs.  Now I am not claiming to be a beauty guru but I have and will be doing many beauty purchases and this is a perfect venu for reviews.

Beauty is not my only love I also have a passion for broadway plays.  Unfortunately living in Ottawa means I don't go to broadway plays often. Thank god for Broadway Accross Canada which brings broadway plays to major cities in Canada. (

Well that pretty covers my two loves!  and also where most of my money goes :) My goal is to post a blog per week and as my blog grows posting updates more frequently. . . I also tempted to start doing youtube videos again. . .

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