Monday, July 18, 2011

Perfect date night!!!

Last Saturday was the opening night for the Lion King at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa! As my due date is approaching we took this opportunity to have a date night.  We had dinner at LoneStar in the market and then enjoyed an AMAZING show.

When the play began and the jungle animals came down the isles I feel in love with the mom elephant and the little baby elephant walking behind the mom. I must say I am addicted to elephants (the theme of the baby's room is elephants).

There was one small glitch in the show but it really didn't sway my opinion about the show as I believe they recovered well.  What was the glitch near the end I believe they had problems unhooking one of the characters from the lifts and then the lift dangled and made noise while swinging ....

This is DEFINITELY a must see in your lifetime play! Even if you are not a fan of plays (like my husband) you will enjoy and appreciate the talent and work that went into the production of Disney's Lion King.

Disney's Lion King is playing at the National Arts Centre till August 7th! Check out the link below to purchase tickets
and check out the link below for a clip of the play

Have you seen The Lion King?!  What did you think?


P.S. Can't wait till Thursday! My 3 year old nephew will be experiencing theatre for the first time. He loves Lion King! Can't wait to find out is thoughts :)

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  1. I have to agree with you. The play is definitely great. I had seen it previously in New York and I wasn't missing my chance to see it again. I brought my mom and my boyfriend to the show, and they were in awe as soon as Rafiki and the girafes came out! I must say, this play is for the young and older.