Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is better the second time around? Mamma Mia at the NAC!

What a great first date night! After missing out on many hours of sleep the night before I was a little worried about staying up for the entire show (I have a history of falling asleep after the intermission .  . . especially for comedians - go figure :P) but laughing made it easy to stay awake.

My brother and sister in-law also went to the show on opening night.  My brother who is not a broadway buff or even enjoys plays (I think this was his third time at the NAC, he has seen STOMP, Lion King and now Mamma Mia and come to think of it all of those are because I (or my sister in-law) made him).  He truly enjoyed the show and told me afterwards that he found the story to be unique and funny! That right there is a RAVE review! Maybe he will want to see more shows?! I know my sister in-law would love that!

Mamma Mia is also the only play that my husband requested to see twice.  I drag him to many shows as it is my passion so he has learned to love it as well.  However to see the same show twice it must have made quite an impression!

The only thing I can say is that this play is definitely a MUST see no matter what city you are in. Have already seen it? go again it gets better everytime!

You have till November 20th to see it! Hurry to the box office at the NAC or at ticketmaster to buy your tickets!

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