Thursday, January 23, 2014

What I thought of War Horse at the Ottawa National Arts Centre . . . .

My father and I were looking forward to our father/daughter date night to go see War Horse at the Ottawa National Arts Centre.  Once I had my daughter, Mya our movie nights took a backseat. My father is a horse lover he had seen the movie and was truly wowed by every aspect of the show. However he did make a good point about the program . . . maybe it is time to rethink the paper programs. Are they really that useful, especially when there is a billboard at the entrance telling us who is playing which character? They can't be good for the environment . . . just something to think about.

Now on to my thoughts of the show . . . it was a great show, very entertainning and full of exceptional talent. However, I discovered that I prefer a lively happy show . . . not necessarily a musical but a storyline that brightens my day.  Mind you I had never seen the movie and with a title like War Horse I had an idea of what to expect . . .

There was one element of the play's sound effects that I must mentionned because everytime it somewhat made me mad.  The guns . . . they were so loud that they made myself and most of the audience around me jump.  You know that they might shoot but wow that was loud.

The actors who played the horses and the goose were exceptional!! After one minute you didn't even notice them anymore.  We both found that the eyes of the horses matched what the horse was feeling at that point in time. I do wonder how in the world they managed to do that!

I was surprise to learn that the play came first and not the movie . . . I would of thought it would have been the other way around.  Why? The complexity of having horses on a stages! Now this may not have been my favorite play/show however I am happy to have experienced it and now I am intrigued by the movie :)  

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