Monday, January 10, 2011

Reading . . . Amazon kindle . . .

In 2008 Oprah did a lighter version of her favorite things, the only item that was of interest was the Amazon Kindle.  I jumped on my computer to check out the price and the availability on Amazon. . . the only problem at the time they did not ship to Canada :(
In November of 2009 decided to ship to Canada! Of course as soon as I found out I ordered mine with a leather case . . .. my total purchase $360 CND.  I know a big purchase but I thought it was worth it as I am a avid reader and the kindle books bought on are much cheaper.

Now for my thoughts on the Amazon Kindle as of today . . .  I LOVE it!!  I read much quicker and I love the fact that I can read whatever I want on the bus and no one knows what I am reading (not that I read weird books but sometimes I want to read romance novels or young adult novels and I prefer no one be the wiser).  I love the fact that my book is always on me and does not weigh a ton . . . which is key when you are on the bus going and coming from work.

One negative thing about my kindle I have a 2nd generation version and I am a little peeved that they have come up with a newer version in BLACK.  I must admit I thought about buying a new one just because of that but I resisted :)

I do see some people with other versions of an e-reader, the Kobo one from Chapters seems to be really popular but I believe you must plug your e-reader in to download your books  . . . and my is through wireless internet (no monthly fee).

Do you have an e-reader? Do you enjoy it? Do you know of a good place to buy a protective case for your e-reader (I have been looking everywhere for a good flexible cover).

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