Monday, January 3, 2011

Thinking of going to see Legally Blonde (the play) ????

I hope everyone had happy and safe holidays!!  Now it is back to work :(

I was lucky enough to see Legally Blonde at the Ottawa National Centre for a second time during the holidays. It is definitely a must see if you want a happy, upbeat musical. My sister in-law joined me and she had never seen the movies, and she enjoyed the play very much.

The differences between the Toronto show and the Ottawa show. . . well one difference that was very disappointing, Bruiser was the only real dog in the play. In the Toronto play Bruiser (Elle's dog) and Bruiser (Paulette's dog) were both real dogs on stage.  

Other than that and a few microphone issues at the beginning the Ottawa show was superior than in Toronto.  It gets better with time.

Go see this play! It is hilarious and the music is very addictive . . . . omygod omygod omygod :)

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